I Was Shot Memorial Day Weekend
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    Battle I Was Shot Memorial Day Weekend

    When ever I go out camping, I am always armed. At the time this story takes place, I had with me my Ruger 10-22 rifle. It was always by my side and i never left camp without it. Even in previous trips to the outhouse, I would carry it slung over my shoulder always loaded, always ready. That is until this day.

    I do not want to type out the whole thing, if you want to find out more please just go here.

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    Heck of a story! You were lucky that day my friend, Gods hand was upon you!

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    You're reeeeeely lucky. The bullet could have gone through your head.

    I know most gun owners probably disagree but although I have taken 12 year olds to the range, I'd never hand them a gun, walk away, leaving him unsupervised & say, "Have fun."


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