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Thread: How predators help farmers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mister_fox View Post
    Well, that could change. Patience is a virtue. I don't make it a point to follow others around here to see what they are doing and not doing.
    I think you miss the whole point of a forum.
    It is the exchange of ideas between people.
    Not a sounding board for only your own thoughts.
    Participating in others threads is what makes all this exchange of ideas possible.
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    Don't worry folks. If he finds out what the FDA considers an acceptable level of rodent contamination in his food he will starve to death.

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    Farm kid here, mountain lions don't hurt us in any way but there is the chance that they could pose a risk to small kids and pets, since houses are never more than a mile away. Hence, while illegal, we absolutely will kill them. Coyotes, foxes, bobcats, etc. don't pose as much of a risk BUT they are burrowing animals (I think bobcats burrow. We don't have many so I don't actually know). Hitting a burrow going through a field makes for one hell of a ride, if you are lucky enough to not break your equipment. Fox holes ruined 2 or 3 corn head snouts this years so we have no mercy on them either.
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    Our resident foxes hunt the property every night; moles, mice, what have you. The coyotes hunt the property, every few months, they are after my cats and the rabbits; these animals I'd rather have around.

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    The weekend after Erma the coyotes took two of our cats, one was my barn cat. My remaining one doesn't get to stay out at night, but I've taken to leaving one of the dogs out at night. We have a three strand barb wire outer fence with a 12' green way (horse riding) and an inner fence of field fence with a top rail. The coyotes don't seem to want to come inside the field fence when the dog is out. He's a pit/lab mix and he owns this place. I've thought about getting a donkey (the rance where I hunt has some but they are wild, wild, wild) but I do like this about them:

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    I have three male cats that roam the homestead here. Owls and hawks take their fare share as well. I've seen it time and time again. The cats bring them home too. I obtained a predator permit from Game and Fish commission last year. Any coon or skunk I see is fair game. The occasional possum as well. We're trying to bolster the turkey population in these parts.
    I've had an ongoing war with armadillos since I moved here in 2016. Authorities told me I did not need a depredation permit and could kill them day or night.
    As far as ethical or moral issues, you do as you will on your property and I'll do as I may on mine. Matter of fact, I don't think the laws should infringe very much on my rights and my property.
    The feral government doesn't own the animals nor me.
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    I chuckle at these threads......
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