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Thread: Coyotes

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    Default Coyotes

    Friend of mine has some property in NC that has a lot of coyote problems. They are primarily killing turkeys on his property and he wants them gone. He has told me to kill as many as I can and I was wondering if there is a demand for Coyote pelts if they are in good condition. I have two questions... How do you skin a coyote (Never tried it before)? and are there people that would buy it whole if i froze them immediately for mounts and the like?

    Thanks in advance
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    Quote Originally Posted by flg8r_peavy View Post
    How do you skin a coyote (Never tried it before)? and are there people that would buy it whole if i froze them immediately for mounts and the like?
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    Coyote – Most coyote pelts are being used as trim on hoods of down coats worn in the U.S. Because the American economy is in good shape and this fashion trend continues to grow, there will be no shortage of demand for better quality coyotes. Prime pelts with good color do best in this market, and coyotes from the Western Plains of Montana, the Dakotas, Alberta and similar areas will bring a lot of money. A few coyotes from other regions may be bid up as well if they meet standards. Look for averages of $70-100 for top quality western coyotes, and $25-45 for eastern coyotes. Midwest and southern coyotes will likely vary a lot in price depending on the state of demand and individual buyer needs. They could go as low as $10-20, or as high as $40.
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    Best bet is call some fur traders in your area. Some will pay more than others. When we used to hunt coons we learned that.
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    A lot will depend on the thickness of the fur. Pelts from the Dakotas and similar very cold climes tend to get good prices; try to shoot them in the head
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    Make sure you check the NC game laws and any consideration as to where your friends property is. There are some some places where the Red Wolf has established in NC and to my understanding the state banned any coyote hunting for fear the wolf would get targeted in those areas.

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    Use snares if you want to get enough to hurt the population any.

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