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Thread: Free stuff!

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    Default Free stuff!

    I got a buddy of mine into reloading earlier this year and showed him the process here and he went and bought stuff to set himself up. Then he ended up buying a bunch of used stuff from a guy he knew who was going through a divorce. My buddy is mainly loading for his 6.5 manbun and 338 lapua and i keep telling him he should do more being he has about 15 different calibers(at least) that he shoots. Anyway he came over yesterday to visit and pick up some 2'x2' plexiglass i said i would give him for the doors he's making for his gator and hands me this box of stuff "he can't use". I actually tried to talk him out of it but he's bent on only using CCI BR primers and not reloading for .223 or pistol etc. so he gave me all this....I can't even get down to the basement to sort it and put it away, heavy sigh here.....

    About 3,000 large rifle, small rifle, mag rifle(lg and sm) and #34 primers from various brands and about 500 or so .223 and .308 bullets and a tiny bit of brass. I think i owe him....

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    GLOD MINE! I’m sure it will go to good use. Nothing sadder than waisted primers.
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