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Thread: What am I Doing Wrong?

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    What am I Doing Wrong?

    Simply put, just about everything.
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    Most rifle powders burns too slowly for pistol calibers and thankfully small pistol primers aren't hot enough to set of the charge. Like Popeye and others have said, you're doing everything wrong. Stop, go back to square one and follow what's in the book before you end up maimed or dead.

    In reloading the only "trial and error" should be within the recipe guidelines to fine tune a load for accuracy. Don't become a victim of your own ignorance.

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    I like Unique for handgun loads for several reasons. The main reason I like it and more so suggest it to people new to reloading is it is very big flake powder and almost impossible to double charge without spilling over. Also, there seems to be a load using unique for just about every handgun caliber there is and most bullet weights.

    I do agree with everyone else though, the author of the original post either needs to stop reloading all together now or needs to stop reloading until he has read a manual or two or needs to find an experienced reloader to do it with him or he is a troll as others have suggested which was my first thought.
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    I do understand now what I did wrong I'm buying some new powder soon.

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    I'm not sure you understand... but, "new powder" is not going to solve your problem.

    You stated a load that I am sure is not listed in any reloading manuals, and if it is you need to throw it away. You really need to just reboot and do some reading before you make the evening news. There's bound to be about 100 threads on beginners reloading on this forum. Do a search and read. Then ask specific questions.

    And, if you don't want to get some shit about using the wrong kind of powder, then don't do stupid stuff or if you do don't tell us about it.

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