Question about carrying a pistol while archery hunting PA??
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Thread: Question about carrying a pistol while archery hunting PA??

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    Default Question about carrying a pistol while archery hunting PA??

    So I'm 17 years old, have been hunting and shooting for a while now, and would just feel more comfortable during archery season if I could carry a handgun for protection only. Had multiple run ins with bear, but have had a rifle or shotgun each time and had no problems with them being aggressive but its still nice to have a gun. I live in and hunt on my family's property in Pennsylvania, and since I'm 17, I don't legally or "technically" own any of my guns, and have no permit to carry a firearm. If I could carry, I would leave it open on the side of my belt, which I'm not really sure if that is still considered concealed carrying, if that matters, and I would be on private property anyways. Any one know if i can legally do this? Does the fact that its on private property override the carrying law? Since I'm not using the gun to dispatch game, only using my compound bow, is this legal? Thanks for any help.

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    I don't know pennsylvanian laws hell i'm not even American, but I know if I had to walk around in bear territory (and since it's private property on top of that) I would carry what ever I feel is necessary to avoid being bear lunch, what ever the law says. As long as you're being safe and avoid parading on the side of the roads showing off, I doubt anyone will file a complaint or report.
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    This may help ......

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    Firearms - Handguns: A Sportsman’s Firearms permit or a License to Carry Firearms is required to carry a handgun, or have in a motor vehicle. Licenses to Carry Firearms permits are issued by county sheriffs or the Philadelphia Chief of Police. The License to Carry Firearms permit only entitles bowhunters or spotlighters, for instance, to carry firearms that fall within this classification. County treasurers issue Sportsman’s Firearms Permits. A person holding a Sportsman’s Firearms Permit may not carry a concealed handgun or a loaded handgun in a vehicle, and may not carry a handgun while bowhunting or spotlighting.

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    Son, the core of the problem seems to be the question of whether you can can carry a pistol on private property owned by your family. Spend a few bucks and ask a lawyer. The conservation officers will all give you different answers depending on which one you ask. A lawyer is bound to answer the question you are paying him to answer, backed up by statutory law.
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    At 17 i doubt you can carry a pistol but check your laws anyway. Black bears for the most part are skiddish. The closest i ever came to a black bear was in PA by the NY border on the Delaware river. It was on a small rock outcropping looking down at me and we were maybe 3 feet face to face. I yelled and banged on a tree and it took off like a rocket the other way.
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    With what was posted up top. Check your state laws. Most states do not allow you to carry a firearm while bow hunting, even if its on your own land. Though every state is different and YOU need to check this. Look to your states DEEP website and the information will be there. Having it on your side is still carrying, its what your state decides, if you're to even posses it.

    Now with you being 17 carrying a pistol or revolver is 'nother issue, which you would be looking up. Some state allow people with no permits to carry ONLY on their land, some its ONLY in their house. I had the PA state pistol permit and let it expire this year. You needed to be 21 to get the permit to carry. Now wheather this was ONLY for non-resident I dont know. I do know with being a non-resident I had to be 21 or older, which usually goes for the resident permits as well.

    My words mean nothing, which they shouldnt. Its up to you to find out these things, the internet is only hind-sight and sometimes full of miss-information. Look to your states local firearm forums, PAFOA is good, they will tell you where to - go for info :)
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    Being 17 years old that is dangerous ground. I would check with an attorney who specializes in Firearms Law in your County. Each State has State Law but the individual County can make the laws stricter. When you are risking Jail Time you want to make sure you do it right.
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    Look for a few forums dedicated to PA and guns/gun rights. They will be able to help you more in depth to determine what you can and can't do.
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