Can someone please define Large Capacity and Non Large Capcity?
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Thread: Can someone please define Large Capacity and Non Large Capcity?

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    Question Can someone please define Large Capacity and Non Large Capcity?

    Am i correct on my idea of what large capacity and non large capacity means? Large capacity is a fire arm that can hold more than 10 rounds and is semi automatic. A non large capacity is under 10 rounds and single shot only. IE. A pump action shot gun with 5 rounds or a bolt action rifle with 5 rounds capacity such as a Mossberg 500 or a Moisin Nagant with no extended clip.

    This is what i assume the terms mean from research i just wanted to double check. My state's FID is for non large capacity, so i want to know the basics of what i can and can't buy because i'm more prepared to go with FID at first if i am still permitted to buy Pump action shotguns regardless of guage and stock, and bolt action rifles. Are these in fact permitable to a standard FID owner? Thank you for any help.

    Also, what are the laws regarding scopes? I assume scopes are fine with rifles and a standard FID but you never know with these restrictive silly laws.

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    This should help answer some of your questions

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    specifically page 8
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    standard capacity.......what the firearm was orginally designed for and planned for since the conception of the idea for the firearm.

    standard capacity for a glock 17 is 17 is not a high capacity magazine.......but a 33 rd mag is above the norm and is high capacity.

    take that same glock 17 and replace the magazine with a 10 rounder and you have installed a reduced capacity magazine.....most likely to deal with a State law. The ten round mag is not normal or standard in the case of the model 17,,,,,,it may be considered "the new standard" as set forth by a State with restrictive laws......but that definition only applies to that particular State and others that may have enacted such laws.
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    High capacity magazines are whatever the liberal gun haters say they are. If the standard AR magazine was 10 rounds, the liberal left would slap the high capacity label on 10 round magazines and push for a law limiting magazines to 5 rounds. If 5 rounds was standard, they would push for a 2 round limit. There is no rhythm or reason for saying what constitutes a high capacity magazine except it will always be whatever the left thinks it can get away with.
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    I am so glad that we here in Florida don't have any of this type of crap to put up with.

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    Only highly trained legislators can define that for you. They, after all, know everything about everything.

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    I'm just glad that I live in Arizona and not Massachusetts (or California).

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    This is high capacity, anything less should be standard...

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