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Thread: Firearm Economics

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    Default Firearm Economics


    I joined this forum so I could ask this question. With the European economy on the verge of potential crisis does anyone foresee the cost of European firearms dropping?
    I am currently working in Eastern Europe so we watch the exchange rates closely and follow trends in the economy. Recently I saw Italy is headed for a serious economic down turn. I was watching this as I was scrolling through my firearms shopping pages. There have been a few firearms from Beretta that I have thought about purchasing. Then I talk myself out of it due to there being more affordable options. With the new U.S. president elect not causing a run on firearms in the U.S. and the European economic situation does anyone else see a drop in price anytime soon from firearms manufactures in Europe?
    What about Openly Traded companies verses private companies?

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    I don't know much about this but Welcome and best of luck to you.
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    Actually if the European economy tanks, I suspect the price of European firearms to go up. As the currency becomes worth less and less, it costs more for everything ...... you only have to look at Venezuela to see the effects. From a monetary exchange perspective, you may come out ahead if you exchange for European currency when it reaches it's lowest value and waiting for the value to rebound ...... if it does rebound.
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    Hello, Dropkick, welcome to the NGF from the swamp north of The Swamp.

    It wouldn't hurt to take a wait- and- see attitude, but I'd bet MS is right.

    It's strange, how wants for specific firearms can change, over time.

    About 10 years ago, the Kel-Tec PMR 30 came out, and they sold like hot cakes.

    So they were constantly out of stock, and unavailable, unless you wanted to

    pay some internet bozo 250% of original value.

    I really wanted one bad. Now I have one available, at the LGS, at a decent price,

    I am not interested. I have learned the quality and dependability of these guns

    has always been less than stellar, and CS isn't that great, as the parent company

    is more concerned with defense contracts. It's striker fired, so I couldn't personally

    trust it to carry with a round in the chamber. Basically a gun I would have snapped up

    years ago isn't as attractive, in the present.
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    The cost of European arms dropping could be actually two questions: The cost of European arms in Europe, and the cost of them elsewhere.

    Part of the answer involves changes in the values of international currency.

    Another part involves the social value of firearms, i.e., would you rather have a gun (and ammo) than something you can trade for it? You could exchange a gun and ammo for food. Or you could kill to get food.

    I don't think there's a reliable answer to the question, even after parsing it down.
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    I'd say firearm value would go up in value - real or mild SHTF scenario's
    Food Water Gun's ammo but Europe crashing represents harm financially
    to some , but not to all .
    I'm convinced each time I go into a Gun store These are the times to buy NOW
    New or Used - - Just get em !!


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