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Thread: Expert needed

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    Default Expert needed

    I am looking into getting a k98 Mauser. I saw one on gun broker that looks pretty intising. He claims its all original parts. But I see in the pics all of it is blued except for the buttplate. I don't know. Can someone please examine this for me. I'd hate to buy a gun that turns out to be some fraudulent piece of junk. check it out: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

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    Hey there, gunnut44, welcome to the NGF, from the swamp.

    Are you looking for a "shooter", or a wall-hanger? Perhaps if we knew a little more about

    what you are planning to do with it, we could guide your purchase a little more satisfactorily.

    As to Gunbroker, how many satisfactory past sales has the seller had? What is his rating?

    What do other buyers who reviewed him say? If he has a decent reputation, he won't endanger

    it by sticking somebody on an old service rifle sale.

    He's A+ for 116 sales. So the seller is fairly reputable, as far as quality goes. But at 1000+ for a

    K98, they are fairly numerous, and to be kind, he's not doing you any major favors on the price.

    Do you want it for collector value? Because you can buy a GREAT shooter, scope included, in

    a much more economical caliber, for 1000$.
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    That looks to be a late war, Mauser made, Nazi K98k. It also looks to be in near unissued condition. The price is approaching where it should have started.

    Judging from this seller's other offerings, I see no reason to doubt this rifle's authenticity.
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    I sure didn't participate in the battle of the bulge or Berlin. Very nice, and very possibly unissued.
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    That seller is in Alvin, Tx. That's Nolan Ryan's home town. It is rumored that he bought up the entire town. Owns the bank. Everything, so to speak. Nice little town. To be honest, I don't know if he's still alive?
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