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    Come to think of it I could not have put it better myself. Amen

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    Quote Originally Posted by Popeye View Post
    Extended storage in a high humidity climate calls for the use of Vaseline (the poor man's cosmoline). The use of stainless steel in rifles is a relatively new 'advancement'. Ya gots ta pay attention to your belongings and take proactive preventative measures to ensure their continued viability.

    Somehow, the old boys managed to keep their blued rifles in good working order, and in all climes, before the advent of 'magic' metals.
    Well, I'm taking advantage of the advent of "magic" metals, because it doesn't take much to wind up with rust down here. I've even seen SS rust,

    in the case of one careless guy, who stored a rifle in his trunk, in a soft case for a few months.

    "Stainless Steel" doesn't really mean "stainless" . It really means "more stain resistant that other coatings". And if you're smart, you wipe down your

    SS guns with a moisture barrier occasionally, too.

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