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I have recently been doing a lot of research into the new remington 700's trying to debate if I should buy one or not. This will be my first modern production rifle I own and I really would like it not to be a waist of time and money. I have read that the bores are not centered to the barrel, the material for the barrels are cheap, actions are sloppy and rifles are not true and other things that go on and on and on. Is the remington 700 even worth it anymore for me to buy one?

Depends on what your intended purpose is. For hunting and general plinking just pick whatever floats your boat. If you are wanting something to customize later on, I suggest doing some research on availability and cost of aftermarket components.

The issues you listed are not limited to the 700, it's more of a mass produced, factory rifle issue (There isn't a single manufacture immune to those types of quality control issues).