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Thread: Which one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CMonster View Post
    Springfield, I met a guy in the woods who had one of those 329s. Lighter than I could have imagined, and then he told me he shoots hard cast 300-grain handloads in it for bear. But I looked at his hands, and you could see how many scars he had from getting bitten by it. I handed it back unfired.
    Yeah, it's a monster. I remember the first time my little brother shot it, he did like two rounds with it and then he very quietly handed it back and resumed with his Glock 19. Later I noticed him rubbing his hands and I asked him if they hurt.

    There is another titanium Smith from the PD series I've seen that shoots .357 and it smaller than a Colt Detective and weighs next to NOTHING. I don't even want to know what that feels like.

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    I like the rails I would have to have a fore grip with the socom II the rails are removable that's why I would go with the socom II if I didn't like the rails I could just take em off :)

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