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Thread: problem with bullet feeding into chamber

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    Your problem is definatly the plastic Thermold POS mag, toss it or sell it on CL even better & get a New mag.
    I only buy New USGI 30 rnd mags, I can't for the life of me put any trust in a peice of plastic when it comes down to FTF confrontation with my AR, call me old fashioned but thats just me.
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    No offense, but PMAGs will outperform USGI mags in every conceivable test. There's a very good reason that they're used by the top shooters in the world, and its because they work every time, whereas USGI mags don't. I've had to replace 4 of my issued mags because they get too dented to work properly, but in 5 years I've never had an issue with a PMAG. While there are some bad ones out there (like the OP had), don't let that discourage you from giving them a shot. Just buy quality.
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    I want to thank all of you for your help & info I bought a better quality magazine & now there's not any problem. Btw I have no idea what kind of mag this new one is, it's metal w/no brand name on it got it at my local shooting range. Thanks again

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