Best Full-Size Glock?
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    Default Best Full-Size Glock?

    I'm thinking about buying a glock, I already know i want it to be full-sized, I just don't know which models have the best bang for the buck. I'm currently leaning towards the .40 caliber but can be persuaded to go otherwise.

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    Depends on what you are looking for out of one home defense, personal carry, or just shooting at the range. I hate to say this but I based my last purchase on the combination of all 3 plus factored in the cost of ammunition.

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    It is going to be a personal preference. What caliber do you want?
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    All Glocks are the best, they all work like they are supposed to.

    Pick the one that you can afford to shoot the most by the price of ammo.
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    I like the 40 cal also. It can double for defensive use and woods carry. The 9 mm is too light for woods protection, in my opinion.

    The model 23 is very nice. The full size is the model 22, either will work well for you I am sure.

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    I would go witha glock 18c if we didn't outlaw the second amendment. That thing would be a great deal of fun.

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    I have a G17 that the little woman has decided is hers now. I've had several in the past including G22, G19 and G21 but my favorite was a G34L I wish I still had.
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