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Agree and disagree. it depends and how much you would normally shoot versus how much more you shoot after you reload and what calibers you shoot/load for. I can go to the range and shoot 100 45 colt and it costs me much less than buying the one box i would normally shoot. I can shoot 2 boxes of 7.7 jap instead of one but i can load 5 boxes for what one cost. I shoot more and still save but of course if you shoot much much more you're just shooting the savings. Now if you're loading and shooting a lot of 9mm, 45 acp or other cheap mass produced ammo you'll probably end up breaking even at best but still be able to shoot more. it will and can be different for everyone.

As far as what set up to get you can get by with anything that's out there. Anytime someone is talking about loading bigger calibers like .338 i would recommend something strong like a RCBS rock chucker. The sizing step put the most force on the press so you don't want to skimp and it will outlast you and your kids will load on it someday. I'm partial to the green and there are others that will last and work perfectly fine but you don't want to just buy the cheapest press you can find.
That is very true. Different for everyone. As I mentioned, I no longer reload to save money. Indeed, I don't even load for 9mm or .223 any more. That said, though, whenever I do get a hankering to reload those calibers, they come out a lot more accurate.

Loading for me is more a science now, an effort to enhance accuracy. The downside to that practice, though, is that no matter how much you pay attention to all the tiny details, there is always another detail you can do better! It's a vicious cycle!