Honest opinions of the High Point c9
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Thread: Honest opinions of the High Point c9

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    Default Honest opinions of the High Point c9

    I have the chance to snag one for $100 and I was think of going for it. With all that's been going on in Virginia, I've grown concerned about not having a fire arm. I've done a lot of research and I can't find a definite answer on if the c9 is worth the money. Eep in mind I do plan on getting a more expensive gun(s) in the future but for the next few months I won't be able to to put aside the money for a more expensive gun just yet. I'm not looking for a gun that will fire off 1k rounds, just a gun that will fire off a few shots reliably when I need it to with little to no maintenance sice this will be my truck gun.

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    I own Hi-points. I have 4 of their pistols. .380-45acp. And 4 carbines. 9mm-40sw 45acp and the new 10mm. They have been reliable. The customer service at Hi-point is out standing. My Hi-point 40 i bought used. It was locking open each time i shot it. I sent it in. 8 days from the day i sent out and back to me. They fixed it. And went over the the gun. Tuned it up. Refreshed all the springs and polished the feed ramp. And sent a spare mag for my trouble. Get the C-9 and enjoy it. They can be a pain to clean until you get used to taking them down for cleaning. And welcome to the forum.
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    Hi Point is a good reliable gun. I had a JCP (.40) never a problem. The haters just don't like low cost firearms. Their warrantee is excellent, they warrantee the gun, not the owner. Find a Hi Point in the mud somewhere, they will fix it or replace it, free. It's worth the $100.

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    Welcome from NJ!

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    I don't have one only because I don't like the way they feel. I know several that do and like them. One thing about them is customer service. If yours doesn't work they will make it right. For that price, I would buy it. If it gets messed up or stolen, at least you are not out a lot of money for a truck gun.

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    They are pointedly ugly, and I don’t care much for their handling characteristics either. However, every one I have ever shot functioned well and was reasonably accurate. From all I have heard, their service is second to none, and they are very inexpensive! Those whom I know who own them, like them. Aesthetics are not everything...
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    Greetings and Salutations

    1. They work
    2. they have a very good warranty
    3. They are inexpensive

    1. Their ergonomics are nonexistent
    2. They are ugly

    When all is said and done, they are far better than no firearm at all.
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    Very ugly. People talk of Glocks and I laugh seeing I feel they never held / owned one or ever saw a High Point. Want to carry a firearm heavier then a brick, looks like a brick, the size of a brick that shoots bullets, want to shoot a firearm that's has a terrible grip angle (well, the grip is subjective), then High Point it is. Other then this and owning what is known in the history of firearms to be the number one gun to be made fun of n the blunt of all firearm jokes, they work. Just keep them oiled and clean. Imo I'd wait till you have another hundred or so then start looking. Though if you're set on owning one go for it! Like we said they work. I'm with Popeye in saying better to have something then nothing.

    EDIT: I believe you can purchase a SCCY 9mm for 160 something dollars online.
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    as a lefty, i do not care for them as to the design/position of the safety so it would be empty chamber carry/readiness for me...

    for me........as a stash gun, loaner gun, or an additional spare to keep in inventory,,,,,i would not have a problem with it especially at that price.
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    They need better styling and a DA/SA action with combat-style hammer.
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