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Thread: Honest opinions of the High Point c9

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    Most of what is read well gospel Hi Point reliable, functional and UGLY and Ergonomic if it does happen I have to pull the trigger and put down when the "Police Collect" evidence a $150 Hi Point will not get "LOST" or Misplaced in "POLICE EVIDENCE"...
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    The one I have, looks like I was the first one to shoot it; the rifling doesn't even engage the bullet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EGB View Post
    I have the chance to snag one for $100 and I was think of going for it. With all that's been going on in Virginia, I've grown concerned about not having a fire arm. I've done a lot of research and I can't find a definite answer on if the c9 is worth the money. Eep in mind I do plan on getting a more expensive gun(s) in the future but for the next few months I won't be able to to put aside the money for a more expensive gun just yet. I'm not looking for a gun that will fire off 1k rounds, just a gun that will fire off a few shots reliably when I need it to with little to no maintenance sice this will be my truck gun.
    That depends on what you expect the gun to be.
    The Hi-Point 9mm is an example of how to make a very simple, inexpensive pistol that works - exactly the sort of gun the military used to look for in the days before they had unlimited budgets. You can find any number of torture test videos on YouTube and elsewhere showing a C9 banging away without missing a beat - accurately. So that means the two fundamental purposes of a hand gun have been met - it shoots and does so reliably, and it's accurate enough to do the job it is built to do. That's the bottom line.

    The C9 works because it's simple. It uses a heavy slide mass, non-moving barrel, and "blowback" operation. A gun can be no simpler without being a single shot. The slide moves back and forth. The barrel stays put and so feeding geometry is extremely simple. You will see endless, complicated video reviews done on the C9 where they PROVE beyond any doubt the gun is reliable and rugged, then they'll end by saying they would personally never trust their life to one...then why are they doing gun reviews? If they don't believe their own "lying eyes" (and hands) then what is the point - other than to make money off views? The people interested in a C9 are those who want or need a solid pistol that they can afford - $100 is dirt cheap for a pistol. While the HI-Point is bulky, at 29 ounces it's not at all out of line with the weight of other 9mm handguns. To me, the Hi-Point is the kind of gun I buy to assemble "bug out kits" that I can issue out when the social balloon finally goes up. To quote John Wick 3, the Hi-Point's mission is; "To serve....to be of service..."

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    Anyone who wanders around wearing many hats and leaves their tunnel vision at home see's how things work on all platforms. My experience as a welder for instance has given me the chance to see how people flock to defend cheap welders because they have excellent customer service and generally work for people who have few needs and low expectations. It's like how guys in high school were fat and ugly, but he tried to be funny so girls like him. You have to have some angle to win if your not up to snuff. Point being there is a welder called Eastwood that is made of the cheapest Chinese parts possible. If you push it, it will break. Eastwood knows this so they have the best customer service in the business. People buy them and some get to use them, but most people get tired of sending them back every day no matter how good the service.

    HI Point does a similar dance. Cheaaaappppp pot metal, blocky huge guns, awesome customer service because if not they'd go out of business. Like people who own Eastwood, HI Point owners do get to use them and some are fans of the brand. Some have good experience with them. At their core its budget materials and workmanship backed by the "its cheap, but we will give you another one" wty Eastwood does and it works.

    We don't all need military grade, some don't need more than a once in a while gun, and some need a good quality gun that will not need to be sent back and they can always depend on. Don't be confused by people who own Eastwood and HiPoint who say "it always works for me". That means nothing when they are using it once a month and you need to use it twice a week or more. You just need to find your place and buy appropriately.
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