What gun to buy for non-lethal home defense / concealed carry? (Newbie)
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Thread: What gun to buy for non-lethal home defense / concealed carry? (Newbie)

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    Default What gun to buy for non-lethal home defense / concealed carry? (Newbie)

    I'm looking to buy a gun to defend my home that I can also concealed carry, however I want to use non-lethal rounds to incapacitate (but not kill) an attacker or home invader. I'm new to guns, ammo, and all that in general. If I'm ever in a situation where I need to use force, I'd rather have the police deal with it and just be able to incapacitate someone until the police get there. Any suggestions for a newbie? Thanks!

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    You should probably not even be considering a firearm.
    Get a dog.
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    First, let me say, welcome to NGF!

    Now, what do you mean when you say non-lethal ammunition? Even rubber bullets can kill at close range. I would also ask, why do you wish to use a lethal weapon if you do not wish it to be lethal? There are other means besides guns...not nearly as effective, but there are other means (pepper spray, stun guns or a taser).
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    Default Greetings And Welcome To The Forum

    Get a net gun
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    Kimber makes a pepper spray pistol, and there is the Taser Pulse + . Bear spray, pepper spray, the ever popular Louisville Slugger?
    They all have good and bad points. You need to think this through a bit. People carry a gun to deal with one situation--the threat of
    immediate serious harm or death to themselves or others. In that situation NOTHING beats superior firepower and the will to use it.

    AFAIK there is nothing in the way of non lethal rounds for a concealable firearm available.

    Welcome to the forum.
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    There's a newly developed, just out of the box, scientific breakthrough, that just became available to
    enlightened buyers, everywhere.

    It's called a "water pistol".

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    Thanks for the feedback guys! You guys are right that in a life or death situation / "immediate serious harm or death to themselves or others" as you mentioned I don't know how effective non-lethal would be. I guess what I'm looking for is "less lethal" instead of "non-lethal", essentially being able to reliably protect myself and my home until the police arrive. Assuming the chance of fatality is less, I guess I need a gun that can use rubber bullets?

    As for why, a number of reasons, but I just don't want to kill anybody; I believe that I shouldn't have to use deadly force even if the attacker is -- all I want to do is reliably protect myself / my home / others until the police get there. Moreover, I also live in a state that's extremely anti-gun -- in fact, our concealed carry instructor told us that we can't use force against home invaders unless they pose a threat to our own personal safety (all we can do is watch them rob our property... unbelievable). All things considered, I want to be able to reliably incapacitate the intruder if he tries to attack in any way but with minimal chance to kill.

    Taser seems to only work for about 30 seconds to give time to escape (according to their description), so it's not enough time to gather and escape with the entire family, especially if there's more than one attacker. Pepper spray gun is an interesting idea but it doesn't seem to have that good of a range especially outdoors. So I guess rubber bullets are the way to go?

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    there is a reason that law enforcement carries firearms........to protect themselves and others by means of lethal force.

    less-lethal means of defense has been used for decades.....batons, gas, tasers, riot gloves, bean bag rounds, rubber bullets, etc.......sometimes it works....sometimes it does not. And that is why law enforcement still carries real firearms......

    we are still a long ways from the "phaser set to stun" notion of fuzzy bunnies and rainbows compared to real life and hard choices..........
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    Even a gun with regular ammo isn't a guarantee to stop or incapacitate an intruder. it's going to depend on shot placement, the advantage of surprise and if they are armed or not and who is better or faster. It certainly levels the playing field versus being unarmed, why would you want to lower the playing field? I would prefer the police to handle all my problems too but they are costly and too heavy to carry around and the room and board is costly too!! I think the average response time in the U.S. is just under 10 minutes......
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