DemoncRats standing up for the Constitution
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Thread: DemoncRats standing up for the Constitution

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    Default DemoncRats standing up for the Constitution

    I’m watching these DemocRat Bozo’s and they keep standing up saying that the Constitution is to be defended. They say the President has abused the power of the office. It’s very clear that didn’t happen and they haven’t even found a single witness or clear abuse example.
    Funny how they want to hold up the Constitution as a revered document but when it comes to the Second and even the first amendments, they will say its out dated and needs to be dismissed. The hypocrisy of these bastards is laughable and on some levels, embarrassing. If these piles of human waste had any decency, they’d be honest and do what they know is the legal, moral and CONSTITUTIONAL law of the land.

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    "If these DERANGED piles of human waste had any decency, they’d be honest ......."

    Ahhh, but there's the rub ............. Honesty first requires a conscience. Not many politicians of any party have one of those.

    As has become customary for the conservative pundits to note daily, the DEMOCRATS are guilty of committing all the crimes they accuse others of. Derangement syndrome is healthy in the Congress, especially in DEMOCRATS.

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    Well like most documents, they haven't read it.


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