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Thread: Need to carry more mags

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    i always try to carry a reload..............i carry a speed strip for the revolver as its flat, compact....i acknowledge that 5 rounds is enough on paper with stats and studies.......more than enough.....but i am also familiar with murphy's law...

    i carry a spare mag for the auto more about concerns in keeping the auto running.....seen everything from accidental mag release jams requiring mag floor plates coming off magazines. And magazines are the weakest link on an auto.....murphy's law.....

    the few times i carry an auto i simply carry a mag in the fanny pack with the gun.....or wrapped in a bandanna in my pocket......

    i view a speed strip or xtra mag like i look at a spare tire for my pickup.......i am just not comfortable taking a trip without a spare......though i have not changed out a flat in years and keep good tires on the truck.
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    The primary reason for carrying spare magazine(s) is insurance in case of a magazine related malfunction ........ if you don't believe in Murphy's law you're an idiot just saying.
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    Well, if you're carrying 19 rounds, Notso, you're more than three of me. I only carry 6, and two of them are ratshot.

    You a NRA member? Got your Safety Training and CC course ?

    How's the rest of the EDC ? Got a really bright light? A good knife or multi-tool? Because I use them both at lot, every day, and never use the gun.

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    Knife Sheaths/Lineman Sheaths/Tool Pouch making your own, camera pouch just get creative what works for YOU may not be appealing to another
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    Wear cargo pants. Mine actually have a small pouch inside the pocket that works perfect to hold a magazine.

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