Derringers and North American Arms for SD/EDC ?
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Thread: Derringers and North American Arms for SD/EDC ?

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    Default Derringers and North American Arms for SD/EDC ?

    In certain situations I can see how these would come into play. The Bond Arms 357 Magnum 2 Round Derringer is such a fun fun to shoot. Recoil is nothing as I have tried it with 38 Special, 38 +P and 357 Magnum with 125gr and 158gr bullets, respectively.

    I carry my North American Arms a lot, as a backup gun or for discrete carry alongside a Sig Sauer P365.

    What are your thoughts or approach to these novelties?

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    As big and as heavy as those derringers are, a Kahr, SIG 365 or similar would be better; even a LCP would be better
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fitasc Shooter View Post
    As big and as heavy as those derringers are, a Kahr, SIG 365 or similar would be better; even a LCP would be better
    Yes, back in the day, the derringer was small, nowadays they are big. The North American Arms one is small, but I don't trust 22cal self defense pistols.

    i have a 22lr Davis D-22 derringer, I like it, and shoot it at even 50 yards semi-regularly. But I have better suited guns for self defense.
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    For years I carried a NAA Mini revolver in .22 mag with the loooong, 1 5/8" barrel. Modern 22 Mag ammo is remarkably good, offering nearly a thousand feet per second velocity out of a mini barrel, almost a foot of penetration even through multiple layers of denim, and with reduced muzzle flash for night firing. I never felt under-gunned. With practice I could reliably put 5 rounds in a 5 inch circle at 5 yards in 5 seconds (nowadays about 6-7 seconds) - more than enough firepower and accuracy to change a wayward mind. My mini-revolver disappeared in my front pants pocket and was so compact and light that carrying it was never an issue regardless of what I was wearing. Never left home without it. Remember, Rule #1 is "Have a gun." If you don't, oh well, we won't go there.

    The derringer is another thing. They are almost always chambered in a caliber that despite the weapon's very heavy weight, recoils badly and is very uncomfortable to shoot with accuracy beyond point-blank range. Instead of being fun, even regular practice becomes a thing to avoid. And you only get 2 shots. And they cost twice as much as a Mini-Revolver. I'd pass on derringers.

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    .22 mag for self defense is almost to perfect... NAA .22 Mag 5 shots from across the room or up close and personal those snubbing noses ah well ya know no one will take that bullet and prove me wrong..So it is settled
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    They do nothing for me. My father in law left one when he died that we found about a year later. A .22 caliber.
    Cute but I would not carry it. It has been in a drawer in the desk in my man cave ever since.

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    the 2-shot derringers are more nostalgic than practical for my needs......great conversation pieces.....and that 45/410 always seems to interest folks over other calibers.

    the mini revolvers.........unique in their own right, deep concealment, multiple variations.....there can be such a thing as "too small".....i found that out with my baby browning.

    both are money makers it would appear for their respective companies......both the Bond line and the NAA line are respected for craftsmanship.
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    I own this set. Colt Lord & Lady. Only derringers I own.

    Had 'em for years. More of a novelty item than anything else. Probably paid $90.00 for the set.

    Damn! Just noticed people are paying $400 - $500 for the set. Maybe I'll put them up for auction.
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