Carbon Fiber Gun Parts
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    Default Carbon Fiber Gun Parts

    I'm thinking of purchasing a Brigand arms carbon fiber handguard. I have a few questions for you all.

    Do you think carbon fiber parts are a gimmick?

    Would you buy a carbon fiber part such as a handguard for your AR15?

    Is there one part of the AR15 you believe should be Carbon Fiber?

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    Good carbon fiber is not a gimmick, but it is typically pricey. I would probably not personally, but mainly because I am unwilling to spend for it. I have worked with carbon fiber on aircraft parts; it is strong, light and a bit of a pain to work on because it dulls tooling pretty fast. Should make a great handguard.
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    My AR has a carbon fiber receiver. It's noticeably lighter, and I haven't done any stress tests (nor do I plan to) but it feels sturdy and durable. It all depends on what you get, some will be good, some won't.

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    I have a carbon fiber hand guard on one of mine and love it. It's super light, feels good in the hand but they are pricey. I forgot the brand but i think it was north of $200 for this one. I treat my guns nice so i can't vouch for the strength but carbon fiber is supposed to be really strong. This whole set up was built to be light, i think i have a couple of handguns that are heavier.

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