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Thread: Older hand strength....

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    Just add a small eye-bolt to the back of the slide. Then you can attach para-cord and a pull-handle!

    I mean, you know, you can duct tape it, too, if you want...

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    have handled many a different brand and came to this conclusion about my experiences.....

    the ruger p series....specifically the p89 and p90 have the most easy slides to rack

    the sig 226 DAK had by far the most difficult to operate. I rarely really take note of the slide strength.....but sure did when i was issued that sig. and as previosly stated that hammer dao design had a lot to do with it.
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    One option MAY be strength training in your hands and arms. Granted, there are medical conditions that will prohibit strength training, but if possible and with your doctor's approval, strength training may get you back on target (pun intended).
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    I think Mad hits the nail on the head ... there are lots of exercises to keep your hands strong , even if you keep a small rubber dog ball handy ... squish the crap out of it for a few minutes a day with each hand , it does make a difference .
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    I've begun to develop arthritis in both hands. Went to see a VA Physical Therapist. She prescribed a series of hand exercises. They hurt to do but my hand dexterity and strength have improved. I expect this improvement to continue.

    The exercises she prescribed, years ago, for arthritis in my shoulders hurt but work as well.

    I strongly recommend visiting a PT if arthritis limits you.
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    Great thread. As I become more vintage, I have a couple issues with my strength in my hands, left more than right. I will keep trying. I gave away my XDm last year because it was way more work that it was worth. I picked a little LCPII and I can rack it, but not as well as I'd like.

    Someone posted about the M&P EZ not too long ago; maybe I'll look at that. Revolvers and associated recoil does not bother me so I have been good with those.

    Thanks! Great thread.
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