Fixing scratches on stock
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Thread: Fixing scratches on stock

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    Default Fixing scratches on stock

    This isnít so much a gun question as it is a woodworking question but I know there are guys here that can answer either one. My girlfriend recently jumped her shotgun and scratched up the stock pretty bad. If it was on the butt stock it wouldnít be an issue because we could sand it down and refinish no problem. I donít know how well I can do that on the fore end though because of that checkering. I donít know how well I could sand that without just destroying it. Any tips on how to fix this would be appreciated.
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    I think some tru-oil would remedy that.
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    I don't see any broken wood fibers so at least you won't have to sweat any dents out. Very carefully, with a small sanding block, and 400 grit sand paper. You are not trying to remove wood only the damaged finish. Once you get that cleaned up a bit of TrueOil, or Lin Speed will seal the wood and repair the blemish. Do not allow the TrueOil or Lin Speed to get in the checkering. I apply TrueOil with my bare fingers. It gets a bit sticky if you don't wash it off before it dries, but you don't have over runs that way. After it cures overnight lightly polish the repair site with 0000 steewool with a dab of boiled linseed oil. Just be careful around the checkering base line.
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    What North said and just tape the checkering off to be safe.
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    I think you just got the best advice you can get.

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