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Thread: Registering a "new" gun

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    I call bullshit, no Judge would just tell someone to take a gun that was used in a crime. That handgun has to go to the police to be locked up in evidence
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    When you buy a "new" gun, you can send the warranty registration in the box to Ruger, FN, S&W, or whatever company made it; OR you can follow the instructions,
    and register online, directly. I prefer to register the warranty online.

    Why, oh why, in the name of all that makes the sense it takes to fart outwards, would you take a gun in trade that was used in the commission of a crime?
    FYI, that is NOT considered a "new" gun, BY ANY MEASURABLE STANDARD. It is a "dirty", " old" gun.
    And NO, we're NOT the Magic Internet Gun Problem White-washers. We have no simple solutions for gun violations issues. But, thanks for checking to see
    if we would do, recommend, or say something stupid again, THIS WEEK. We do not advocate any action which is, or could be construed to be illegal.

    Find a local attorney, have him issue you instructions in writing.
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