Getting Kids into Guns in Canada
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Thread: Getting Kids into Guns in Canada

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    Default Getting Kids into Guns in Canada

    Hey everyone,

    I am new to the forum, however I have been a member of a Canadian gun forum for several years.

    I recently read a CBC (Canadian news) article in regards to "kids shouldn't have toy guns".


    Even in Canada, gun owners are doing what we can to educate people with almost daily lies about guns in the media. Gun ownership used to be 1 in 4 people back in the 1970s but this has greatly fallen. Only 2.1 million legal owners out of 36.29 million people today.

    I am getting my friends son into the shooting sports. He is 12. I noticed that his mother bought him a airsoft gun, so I could see that she wasn't an anti. One day I mentioned that if she is interested, I am willing to take her whole family and close friends out shooting at the range. They have never done this before.

    She accepted.

    The funny thing is, the 12 year old's best friends mother found out and told his mother (my friend) that I cannot go near her son; she thinks I am a psycho because I am into sports shooting, she equates what I am doing to being no different than the wackos shooting up people. Obviously this woman doesn't know a thing about guns and probably gets her news from cbc and other biased news and probably believes a recent fake study which claimed a child is injured by a gun everyday in Ontario; what the researcher from Sick Kids hospital forgot to mention was: the vast majority of the injuries are caused by BB, airsoft, pellet and paintball markers....

    I really don't care what she thinks and I will not be arguing.

    Ignorance on the subject of guns is huge in Canada, unfortunately.

    One thing I plan on doing but haven't told my friend is that during our trip to the range, I will donate $500 to a charity if her son can hit one bullseye (no problem). The money will go to a cause that is important to them, so if someone that they loved passed away from cancer, I will be making a donation to cancer research. I am sure I will shock the anti neighbour but of course that is not the reason I am doing the donation.

    In conclusion, my friends 12 year old son is starting to make YouTube videos in regards to scope, magazine, airsoft, mre and eventually real gun reviews (with adult present).

    I am doing my part to educate people in regards to our sport and how safe it is.

    Here is a link to one of his videos, he is giving away silhouette paper targets.
    (If this video is not allowed, please remove the video link and I will link a different one; this is his most recent gun related video)

    Please if you guys and gals can show some support, that would be great. I want to inspire this kid and show the world that we are human just like everyone else, just because we shoot guns, doesn't make us bad people. I realize that this isn't in the USA, however it is important to educate everyone in the world.

    Thanks for reading.

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    I recently read a CBC (Canadian news) article in regards to "kids shouldn't have toy guns".

    I never had toy guns. My father believed toy guns taught poor gun handling safety and practices. I agree with him. I believe I was six when I got my first .22 caliber rifle.

    As to taking kids, and their families, shooting; good going. Minds are changed one at a time.
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    We had toy guns but my old man was adamant that we NOT point toy guns at people, including each other. Wrecked our play as cowboys and indians but we never pointed toy guns at each other.

    "Great genius will always encounter fierce opposition from mediocre minds." --Albert Einstein.

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    I'm also from Canada and I think it's great what you're doing. Keep up the great work. Keep in mind that peoples are usually stuck to their favorite news channel and when that channel is operated by liberals they push their agenda which is disarming and disgusting Canadians from what ever has to do with guns. Peoples have to make the first step towards their freedom and peoples like you and me are giving them this opportunity. Bring peoples to the range so they see for themselves that gun equals fun not murder. If you want to join something that's doing something for gun owners in Canada google CCFR (Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights) they're the best, tons of videos on youtube to help you get some "ammo" in a debate against anti gun peoples .They also have a FB page if it's your thing.

    They say time flies when you're having fun, it should also say times flies faster when you're old.

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    My sister played with dolls but never hurt her babies. I had Cowboy cap guns and never hurt any civilians.


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