Live in Colorado?
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    Default Live in Colorado?

    We have our own limitations on advertising here as well. You'll need to read up on that.

    Thank you.

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    Facebook???? Who cares, never have and never will be on it.
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    Personally I have one and used it pretty often to join different gun groups for selling, buying, trading and talking firearms. I found it pretty nice and convenient to be in a group made up of local members that I could meet face to face and worry about the hassles of shipping. But since Facebook changed their policy on gun related advertising I've found myself using armslist and gunbroker. but just thought a site dedicated solely to the state of Colorado would be nice. But I do find myself using Facebook less often then usual since you can no longer post firearms for sale or trade though I am still in some groups on it for firearms even though we are restricted to just talking about them now. but this site is in no way affiliated with Facebook if it came off that way.


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