Should i apply for an basic FID or an LTC-A first? (New gun owner) Advice needed.
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Thread: Should i apply for an basic FID or an LTC-A first? (New gun owner) Advice needed.

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    Default Should i apply for an basic FID or an LTC-A first? (New gun owner) Advice needed.

    Hello everyone, I am from Massachusetts and my whole life i have been pro gun and pro 2nd amendment. I love learning about the history of the United States as well as educating myself about guns and gun history especially pre vietnam war era vintage fire arms.

    I am 21 years old and for some reason i haven't ever attempted to seek my FID or LTC for whatever reason, i assume mostly because living in a liberal state a lot of anti gun people would stir me away or i may have just been busy with other tasks such as getting my driver's license and getting a decent job.

    My main question for everyone here is which gun license should i seek first? Many people have told me it is smart to start with FID regardless and work up to LTC once i renew or i can renew early for an LTC. But i have also had people tell me that since i am 21 and i have no previous lawful convictions not even so much as a misdemeanor or a parking ticket that I can just go straight to my LTC application and skip FID because i meet all the requirements. A lot of people suggest to take it slow and get FID first.

    My main reasoning for wanting fire arms is hobbyist purposes such as range shooting, and most specifically collecting of WWII fire arms and just getting to hold and own these relics from world war 2. But of course like most of us, i also want to be able to protect my home and my family from wrong doers and have protection from a variety of things from animals to criminals.

    I do far like the LTC in MA more because it allows the purchase of hand guns... The basic FID does not allow the purchase of hand guns and anything over 10 rounds or large capacity. The LTC-B has been phased out in MA and they only issue LTC-A with 2 letters of referral. I would say that i would like LTC-A far more if it would be possible to obtain it first try but i am not sure on the likelihood of it.

    Which do you guys suggest i try for. I know suggests to try for LTC right away as it's your right to have it but will any police department actually give a LTC-A to a young new applicant? Thank you for any help :)

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    I have absolutely no idea.
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    Just the opinion of an ex-MA resident, born and raised until my wife and I escaped to NH 10 years ago.
    I'd go for the LTC. As you know, it all depends on the chief in your city/town as to whether or not he/she will grant either of them to you.
    If you can't get an LTC I'd re-appply for a FID, if allowed.
    And be prepared to wait...and wait...and wait. My nephew waited 17 weeks for his LTC in 2016.
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