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Thread: Fish Hook Accidents, Viewer Beware

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    I will never go fishing again.......(not that I do now)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alan R McDaniel Jr View Post
    Game warden went fishing with a guy that he knew had to be doing something illegal because he always got his limit. They got to the fishing hole and the guy handed the game warden a stick of dynamite. The game warden said, "Ah-Hah! I kew you had to be doing something illegal. I've go thou now!" He looked down and the guy had just lit the fuse and replied, "Are you going to fish or keep talking?"

    Five seconds...after I saw that video posted I said to self ( I call myself Self...)..."who will be first to tell that joke...?"
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    My cat had a hook in her lip. She was very good about getting it removed though.

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    i worked in construction back in the 60`s and 70`s and my boss went fishing with his son and his son went to cast and the hook went right in his dad`s eye they went to the hospital that way and today since that day has had use of 1 eye -

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    You know that feeling you get when you are up on the roof of a 10 story building and you look over the edge and for just a mommet you feel this creepy cold feeling wash over you as you imagine falling and the trip down?

    Yeah this video made me feel like that. Thanks Popeye I was not planning on sleeping tonight anyway. And it was not the eye ones that made me feel like that. It was the one under the fingernail cause I know what has to be done to get that sucker out.

    Me in the ER room if that were my finger..... I...... WANT.... MORPHINE. LOTS AND LOTS OF MORPHEEEEEN!!!!!!!

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