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Thread: Need laser + flashlight for my new RUGER GP100

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    crimson trace is the best laser choice......

    i personally do not trust bit of debris or a fleck of oil will turn the laser into a kaleidoscope and a royal pain to clean it back to proper function............been there/done that.
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    You aksed a question and I think the majority is tellng you that you should not buy a laser for it....just practice with it as it is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ArthAnsgar View Post
    Keep your doors locked and windows closed, especially at night, invest in at least a rudimentary security system if you can. If you are taking appropriate precautions, you shouldn't end up in that situation. But, if all of those measures fail, all the gadgets in the world are no replacement for good training and muscle memory.
    Screw the laser and get a 12 ga. for your bedroom gun.
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    Pretty much what everyone said. Crimson trace. Don't buy some off brand china junk. First shot will light up the room anyway.
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    Hello folks,
    I'll be honest here and just say that I don't usually add to forum discussions unless it's possibly something of interest...guess I've been married too long. johngalts2020 problem I can relate to. I used to own a Ruger GP100 stainless w/ 6" bbl. years ago. Nice weapon. When I wanted to accompany friends on a hunt for small game I didn't have the wherewithal to buy a long gun so I attempted to mount a small scope to the spine of the pistol. It worked pretty darn good, however .357 mag simply wasn't powerful enough.

    John if you want the right tool for the right job...get it. Sell the GP100 and buy something similar to what these guys/gals have already suggested or shown you, otherwise you'll need to get really creative...which is not always the best or safest choice to make concerning a firearm.

    My last purchase for home defense was a CZ 85 Combat, 86' vintage. Ambi with no hammer blocks. This is a beautiful weapon...accurate, durable etc.. But it didn't have a rail for future accessories molded into the dust cover like so many of the pistols that came after did and, after serious thought, I determined I just might need something similar at some point. Again I didn't have the I got creative.

    I mounted an inverted scope mount with one groove (made for a rifle) to the dust cover and mounted a laser/flashlight combo to it. It works perfect and it balances really well. I truly believe I got lucky. Somewhere along the line I bought a green laser for it as they became less expensive which sort of brought me up to date, however minimally, for what I believe I need to protect my home.

    My point.....if your serious about guns you really need to think ahead (as stated previously by another contributor to this thread). Sort of like sitting down to play with an erector set as a kid and trying to figure out what you wanted to build...if you were into that kind of thing. Staying well and keeping those you love the same can get expensive. Do it right the first time if you can, it might save a life having/knowing what you've prepared for a really bad situation.

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    Get a laser grip with a green laser. The green Lasers also sorta work as a flashlight because they produce a tone of light.

    But before you do that, get some ear protection. That's the #1 thing I'll tell any newb that gets a 357 mag. That round can literally cause permanent hearing loss or tinnitus after 1 box of shells.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johngalt2020 View Post
    Total newbie here, would appreciate some help. I just bought a Ruger GP100 from Academy. I'd like a small laser + flashlight accessory for it.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction please? Much appreciated.
    Very good firearm! Good buy. Look to Crimson Trace and get a good quality flash light. Find a place where they will teach you shooting with a flash light. This is ten time worth the money and time you will be spending looking for a mount to then mount a flash light to your firearm.
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