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Thread: 22 Magnum for Self Defense?

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    i think if someone started building a good copy of the old High Standard Derringer in 22 magnum.........and sold them new for under $250......they would make a fortune........

    wonder what happened to all that old High Standard machinery.......maybe Ruger could put some of that famous investment casting to work.....heck, even a polymer version might work.

    the derringer still has a cult following.....its small, compact, flat, it has no bad recoil in a 22 mag, and it would sell if reasonable priced and not be junk like some of the el cheapo single action derringers out there that require manual cocking and manual cross bolt safety manipulation for safety......a dao derringer would do the market good.......just look and see what old ratty used High Standard DAO derringers are bringing on the market.........now that could really light the fires on the 22 magnum.
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    I shoot and often carry the RI 1911 .22 TCM. This is a .22 Mag. on hormones. The new .22 weapons are like the .223 when the Military first adopted it. It was a loser would not be around long. Now after 50 years it is the most popular rifle in the Nation. The 5.7 and it's more powerful cousin the .22 TCM are very impressive.

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    I don't know if .22 Mag really offers that much more than .22LR from a self-defense standpoint. It will definitely do a lot more damage to your hearing though. Maybe leave you with tinnitus the rest of your life.

    If you're not comfortable with .22LR as your defensive caliber, you should step up to .380 or 9mm in my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RZR6-4 View Post
    Definitely not optimal by any means but the best concealed carry gun is the one you will carry every day. I would say no but if you are accurate enough to make those tiny bullets count then it is all up to you
    tiny bullets punch holes just like big bullets............ shot placement guys...... shot placement

    might wanna look into a 5.7 x28
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    I think the .22 LR and .22 Mag are both acceptable self defense rounds. Eight shots from a Ruger LCR in .22 says an awful lot. I saw a video on YouTube where they managed to hit a 1/2" plywood board at 450 yards with a 22 LR; two rounds. They penetrated completely. That penetration meets the military definition of acceptable penetration. A lot of people who have never been in firefights make a lot of noise about the .22's. If that is what you have, hit the assailant in the right places and he will run or go down. Isn't that enough?

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