Sig 320 concealed carry
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    Default Sig 320 concealed carry

    So now that I have my ccw permit I would like to carry when I am out and about around town. I don't have the money for the Sig 365 just yet so I was thinking about giving concealing my full size 320 a shot. I think I would like appendix carry and that was recommended to me as well. I'm 6'3 268lb and my gut isn't huge but it is still something that I think will need to be taken into account. Any suggestions on a holster or thoughts on if I am just wasting my time trying to conceal such a large gun would be appreciated.
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    can't really say as i am not in your shoes and not your build........

    these days when i carry a full size gun, i use a fanny pack....inexpensive, versatile, and can use it with different models/sizes of pistols and revolvers.......very useful if i am at an event that requires a lot of sitting or has stadium/theatre type seating.

    the vast majority of the time i pocket carry a snub revolver......but still use the pack as an option as needed.
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    I cannot really compare what you are thinking either; my 5’9” 155lb frame will not conceal a full size pistol very easily, and is quite uncomfortable to do. I have played around with an FNX-9 and found it to be a non starter for me unless it was a bonafide crisis. In addition, I do not entertain appendix carry. That said, there are some holsters out there for your P320, but you would need to check them out to see what would serve you best. You might be able to conceal it reasonably well on your frame, but will it be all day comfortable? Will you be able to draw it easily?

    My suggestion would be to consider, do you need to carry immediately? If so, then work the P365 you suggested or another that you like and is more designed to be a concealed carry firearm into your immediate budget and make it happen like a priority. Then get proficient with the weapon so as to be able to be a responsible carrier. If it is not critical to carry right now, then wait until you can and buy the pistol of your choosing, and in the meantime practice with what you do have.
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    From my limited experience on carrying a full size is a shoulder holster worked best. I'm a big guy too and it was just downright uncomfortable in any position except standing carrying on the hip at 3 oclock. Tried IWB, OWB with a glock 17 and a 1911. Shoulder holster worked nice but was also limited to colder weather using a jacket to conceal it. I just have a very cheap uncle mikes shoulder rig but someday i want to get a nicer leather one which I'm hoping will even be more comfortable. With all that said i prefer a smaller gun on the hip using either a IWB or OWB(depending on who makes it) with just a button down shirt covering it.
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