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Thread: CHP Holder Shot by Police

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    I know some cool, level-headed police officers. I know some who really don't have any business being in the business. Many times, trying to do the right thing is an extremely thankless task. Trying to move people to safety is like herding cats.

    This type of situation is the perfect storm of anyone legally carrying a firearm. When to become involved and to what extent to become involved is infinitely more important than the weapon or type of ammunition you use. You'd better have it well thought out ahead of time AND find and read the post on this forum about "What to do after the shooting".

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigNastyCowboy View Post
    It would be unfortunate if this forum were an echo chamber; a bubble of confirmation bias, that doesn't encourage diverse points of view.

    If it is, then it's my loss.

    Sorry. I do understand, though.
    National Gun Forum exists to share ideas, opinions, facts and points of view. Throw in some wisdom and experience and we all benefit from it.

    We do NOT allow racism, profanity, pornography or personal attacks.

    Well, all y'all knew that already........

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    Sorry if I'm late to the party, but after doing some research it appears the officer will not be charged in the shooting. The plain clothed cop who shot the armed civilian admitted he didn't issue any commands or even identify himself as law enforcement. The video I saw showed the armed civilian running with his gun drawn and pointed down at the ground. And the officer shot him without warning three times from the side/behind.

    So, now, if a cop hears gunfire it is justified to shoot any armed individual they see without issuing commands or even identifying themselves? Especially when they didn't even see who actually did the shooting? What if that had been an off-duty officer running with his weapon drawn? Would it have been justified to kill him without warning, too?

    Sounds like poor police work, if you ask me. Unless the suspect has his gun pointed at you or someone else, at least give them a chance to drop it. But I guess you can be legally carrying, legally using it to defend yourself and still be legally killed for it by police.

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