Need Help Identifying VERY Old Gun
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    Default Need Help Identifying VERY Old Gun

    This shotgun was found in an attic in Westchester County, New York. Other than some engravings, the only significant marking that identifies anything about the gun's origin is the text "College Point"...which presumably refers to the section of Queens, New York. Below are some pictures of the shotgun. Any assistance in identifying the gun's historical significance, manufacturer, age, type, or value would be much appreciated.

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    I think you have already identified it about as far as anyone can. It is indeed a muzzle loading, cap lock, SXS double barreled shotgun manufactured sometime after percussion caps came into use (early 1800s) until metallic cartridges made muzzle loading obsolete (mid to late 1800s). It appears to have been an extremely "used" shotgun and saw some damage and repair throughout its life. Someone else may know more.

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    Do you have pics of markings serial # any kind of a proof mark ??? stampings e.t.c. ?? ..... stuff like that would help .
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