Sharps - Borchardt 1881 : trigger problem
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    Default Sharps - Borchardt 1881 : trigger problem

    Hi , I get a Sharps-Borchardt 1881 , scarce sporter built by J.P. Lower. Mechanism is shown below. When the finger lever (27) is depressed and then closed , the gun is cocked correctly, so the sear ( 3 , in green) engages the striker (9 in orange). When the trigger (25 , in blue) is pulled , the sear bar (24 , in red) is sliding forwards pushing the sear and the striker is released.
    The problem is : when the action is closed and cocked , the trigger is loose , which means that it is not engaged in the sear bar. The sear bar is a simple flat piece of steel , 1/16" thick , which is simply put through the sear in a square hole at one end , and the other end is notched to fit in the vertical grooves of the sear , so it can move up and down with the action. But there is nothing to keep the sear bar flat on the action, and permanently connected with the rounded "head" of the sear .

    Sorry, I can't put the image inverted.
    So when the gun is closed/cocked, how to be sure that the sear square hole stays through the sear rounded head?[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    I know this seems quite complicated , and my explanations maybe not clear enough , sorry . But i'm working for two days to make this beautifull gun work , and it doesn't , so I feel a bit lost.
    I anybody could give me some explanations , this would be of great help.


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    Default Sharps - Borchardt 1881 : trigger problem drawing

    Here is the corrected drawing about the post below.
    Aldea6[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

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    I'm not good at looking at upside down pics but it sounds like maybe a broken or missing spring.
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    I believe you will find that part #33 is not properly engaging, possibly because part #32 is worn or bent.

    I would also look at parts 28, 29 & 30.

    Part #31 may be impinging on part #33. But that's a long shot.
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