Gold UZI (Real former movie prop) for sale
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    Default Gold UZI (Real former movie prop) for sale

    Here is a link to the item, as well as a description below:
    For sale is a gold plated Israeli Military Industries (IMI) UZI semi-automatic pistol. This item is in very good condition, and it was used as a movie prop for several Hollywood films during recording in Las Vegas, Nevada. Perhaps the most notable film was one called Face Off, which starred Nicholas Cage. The item was one of four rented on set for that film, although I am not certain if the scenes made it into the final cut. Sometimes, dozens or hundreds of hours are recorded, with only a few making it to the final selection. Additionally, this item is number 66 out of the 100 limited total. Also included in this auction are the original blue plastic box, two magazines, the owners manual, the warranty card, and a certificate of authenticity signed by the prop-lessor. Pull the trigger on this deal today and make it yours, before someone else local does! Just send me a message if you would like more photos or for further details about this awesome weapon! I realize this is a major purchase, so I want to make sure you are as pleased with it as possible! Also, I will soon have two gold 1911 pistols for sale, which were directly used by Nicholas Cage for the same film--Face Off.
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