frozen up 1858 remington...........
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Thread: frozen up 1858 remington...........

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    Default frozen up 1858 remington...........

    about ready to never loan anything out again............

    son-in-law had been using my Pietta Remington 1858 44 BP revolver for a couple of weeks. I had previously taken him to the range with it a couple of times and got him well acquainted with the revolver concerning loading, shooting, care, and maintenance......

    got the gun back a couple of weeks ago and never gave it a 2nd thought......until i did one of my random "wipe down" of the herd today.......usually a labor of love with G96 on most of the herd until i get to my BP guns and then switch to Ballistol.

    The 1858 was frozen rock solid. Could not get the cylinder to rotate or even jiggle.And forget about pulling the cylinder pin as it was froze as well.

    So i applied Ballistol rather liberally, let her soak, and then got my rubber mallet and did some gentle tapping on the cylinder. Then used a dowel rod on the cylinder pin to tap and finally got it to move a millimeter. Tapped it back in and then out and gradually.....finally.....was able to free up the cylinder and pull the pin.

    Mercy......the start of rust in several places on the star, pin, and cylinder window along with the cylinder notches. I brass brushed, tooth brushed, and throughly cussed for a while which was a shame since its Sunday.....but i got the gun serviceable again. Probably going to have to do some metal polishing....

    dang kids.....he's 35 years old and he should know better........and i am an old fool to trust him to treat the gun right........
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    Get out the 400 wet/dry and case sharpening oil. Polish the rusted areas then Oxpho them. It's OK dad. I know how you feel. Trust me I know exactly how you feel.

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    You can't blame the kid, you're the one who loaned it to him. Just saying.
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    I’m sure if he knew what happened he’d be real sorry. Not everyone has the time ,patience and understanding that you have. Be kind and use this as a teaching moment.

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    Glad you got it working again. I have someone. In the family who breaks things. He wants to reload. I told him he gets the stuff. I'll do the loading.My ATV is messed up because of him.. He didn't tell me the rear caliper blew out. I couldn't plow the snow. That is one example. I don't want him using my press.
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    #1 son used to be Hell on anything that wasn't made of Kryptonite. He was working for a fellow one time clearing brush and hung a D8 cat at a 45 degree angle in an oak tree. He called his boss and told him the dozer was stuck. They guy came out and just stared at it for about 10 min. Finally said, "I ain't never seen nuthin like that before...."

    #2 son was a little better about things, at least he thought about it before he got off in waist deep. #3 son went through a little phase but Fire Departments frown on having their stuff torn up. He does real good most of the time now.

    #1 wife was worrying about him driving someplace the other day. I looked at her and said, "The boy drives a $200K firetruck, TO FIRES. I think he can handle this."

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    These days, I simply don't loan stuff to family. Neighbors, absolutely. Family, never.

    One of my brothers wanted to borrow my motorcycle from me one day and I told him, plop down the cash it would take to buy it outright and you can borrow it. He didn't come up with the money. A few months later, I sold it to my sister's husband (and she was pissed as hell at me for it). When I sold it to him, I told him, "Don't loan it to any of my brothers." He turned around and loaned it to my aforementioned brother who returned it with broken mirror, broken turn signal and broken hand brake and foot brake levers. And no offer to pay to fix any of them, of course.

    Guns? Not a chance I'd loan them to anyone and I don't take any family to the range to test any out, either. My family is just downright clumsy and irresponsible and that's being generous. I'm still missing a couple of tools which I know were loaned to my family members by my late wife way back when. Not her fault, as she was just a generous soul which is a good thing.

    I'm generous too, but I only get burned one time and that's it.

    FWIW, I don't borrow other people's stuff, either, because I don't want a mishap to become a problem.

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