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Thread: Adamsmith

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    Quote Originally Posted by highboy View Post
    Just a guess but my thought is because he was a douchebag. I figured he wouldn't last long and honestly I'm not sad to hear he's gone. I don't know the official reason but not sure I care either. Let me be the first to say good riddance.
    There are two ways to look at this Highboy. Either you are right, or the forum just lost the most intelligent, articulate, and experienced member we have ever had. I'd hate to think that being a knowitall is all that is needed to be banned.

    That would probably get me and a few others banned immediately so it was probably the douchebaggery that sealed his fate. I must say that I can't remember any poster who lasted so long while pissing so many of us off so consistently. He sure got more than his fair share of benefit of doubt.
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    Well put Brewster but I'd like to think one could share their knowledge without coming off like he did. And for the record IMO his political views reminded me of somebody that just finished reading politics for dummies. The whole conservatives want tax cuts for the rich and oil summation was too dumb to even debate.
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    OK, guys, I'm going to go ahead and close this thread. There's a fairness issue, IMO, since the guy is no longer here to defend himself.

    I thought I answered the question in advance by linking to the [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] thread.

    If know-it-allism was a bannable offense, the forum would be hosed (and sparsely populated).

    But "douchebaggery"?! Damn, Brewster, I'm thinking about giving you a week suspension for cruel and unusual torture of the English language!!
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