Kahr PM9 vs CM9:

The Little DAOs That Could For those that like Kahr pistols, choosing a CCW pistol from their lineup often comes down to the Kahr PM9 vs. CM9. They don't always get the same amount of press as some of the other gun brands do, but Kahr pistols actually have a lot to offer believe it or not.

Kahr pistols are simple, but that's actually a good thing. There isn't too much to learn about them, unlike a single or double-action pistol. Every single gun they make is DAO, with an internal hammer. Load, rack, aim and squeeze; repeat until empty. The stiff trigger is the safety feature (along with a firing pin block as a drop safety) and that's about it.

They offer a few different trim levels with various differences, so what you'll end up wondering is whether the upsell is worth the difference in price. Is it? Well, let's go over that..

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