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Thread: Airsoft

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    I have two airsoft guns that can shoot out to 25 yards but the accuracy is impossible to replicate. Mine are assault rifle types so are more meant for close combat games. Still, I can break glass bottles in the garage with a few shots and it's fun to shoot soda cans on a rope. I'd go for an air rifle like a Gamo Hornet with a strong spring if I was going for distance.

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    I use to play airsot a few years back. It's a fun game to play with friends. Back then we even competed and won a tournament. I miss this game.

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    I lot of guys here played “air hard”. The game is a bit riskier. It’s a real death match and all kinds of scenarios. The cool part is that after you make it through the championship series, you get to buy a house at a great mortgage rate and get health services at a govt hospitals.
    Not trashing you but I couldn’t resist.
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    Here in my country there are not so much stores related to firearms and defense so I bought a nice plate carrier, a lanyard and a holster in an airsoft store. It's a nice store for tactical goods.

    Most clients are in their twenties or thirties because airsoft is expensive, usually kids do not have enough money for it. It looks interesting and everybody is free to have whatever hobbies they like.

    But when I see people more or less of my age talking about airsoft I cannot help but think: instead of playing with toys, what about training with real firearms? It's fun too and one day might save their lives.

    Defending your home of a break in surely will be more intense that any airgun battle.
    Best regards,

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    Airsoft is a really popular game. It can be a good sport also, if you`re bored and want to have fun with your friends - go ahead! Of course, you will need some good equipment for this.
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    Airsoft is a great outdoor activity, especially for kids and teens. I wish here in WA we had more places to play at.
    However, I would not equalize airsoft and real combat experience. The fact that you will "arise" every time after being "killed" with airsoft may develop dangerous negligence.
    Luckily, my aiming is better than my manners.

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