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Thread: Font color suggestion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Speed View Post
    These changes can be made client side in your computers "accessibility" options without the need to rewrite forum software.
    There is also some more advanced options such as using developers tools in your browser but they may be more than some are willing to get involved in although a quick google search would show its ease.
    I just got into "accessibility" and made a change that made the font much easier to read (more like black & white), but it changed everything viewed on internet also, so back to "color lcd" setting.
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    Yes, unfortunately accessibility changes are global and can't be applied to a specific app/site
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    If it was just darker or bolder, it would be a huge improvement. The "weak tea" description is perfect. But I will survive, no matter what color schemes are used.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shady Slim View Post
    How is this color? Can you see it? Probably not because non-contrasting colors are very difficult to read. Catch my drift?

    That is why books are printed in black on white paper.

    You can not read my first line can you? Look hard, it is there. No, no. ABOVE the "That is why books" line. If you can not figure out how to read it, take your cursor and highlight.
    Although not as weak as the top line, this is pretty much what I (don't) see as well... I also use the mouse over method to read the topic lines.... slows me down some, but I have no need to hurry anyway..... But I am one who would love to see the print colors darkened some if at all possible...

    Still the best damn gun site on the net regardless... And MANY thanks to all who bring it to us. You rock!

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    This color would probably be better than what exists now.
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    Some configurations are implemented by the website this case: Powered by vBulletin® Version 4.2.2

    But It would be nice to have just black on white for text, color highlight options and links medium to dark blue like the old days.

    The worse part for me is the thread/forum lists. Those text colors, link colors and backgrounds are terrible.
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    As I said (read #6 ) not much can be done unless "child styles" created under a Master. This wont be done I'm fairly sure. But it is a fact that black on bright white background texts affect or bother enough readers to keep them away. No final setting short of user select options will please everybody, and even then, some will have trouble. Having used original html since early 90's I know of what I speak.
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    I never noticed the color. I live in a black and white world.

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