Old SILA shotgun identification. Please help!
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    Default Old SILA shotgun identification. Please help!

    This is my friends grandpas old hunting shotgun i would like to know more about it. It has a logo on the butt plate that says SILA Made in Italy. if you know the make/model of the shotgun or if you could recommend me to a site that has more info it would be greatly appreciated.

    Pictures included.
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    It looks like a copy of a Winchester Model 1897.

    SILE was an importer, not a manufacturer.
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    I do not recognize it, but maybe somebody else will...

    I do think you should go over it very carefully and take note of any and all markings
    that may be there "on the metal " of the shotgun...there have been many Italian made
    shotguns...including "their" copies of other makers....etc..

    I will tell you this..."SILA MADE IN ITALY " I take to be the mark of an importer...
    vs. the maker...etc...as that same phrase is found on old accordians....from Italy...?

    Unless of course...same maker made both?....If so...I can't find it....



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    Damn....look at the time stamp....

    I am posting this only to show I don't copy Popeye or anybody...I type slow
    with a cripped hand...yes..an excuse I know.....but anyway....there was NO
    reply here when I started typin Popeye....I know you will believe me...



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