Remington Model 11 12 Ga issues
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    Default Remington Model 11 12 Ga issues

    I hope this is in the right spot, but if anyone out there knows something about these weapons id be happy hear your responses. The model 11 I have according to the date code on the barrel is a 1943 manufacture, with the flaming ammo mark on the barrel. It was left to me by my granddad when he passed in 94. But ever since Ive had it its had what i would call "timing" issues for lack of a better term. If I load one round in the mag tube and chamber it, then load another in the mag tube and fire, it functions perfect. If I load one round in the mag tube chamber it and then load 4 in the mag tube and proceed to fire it will fire the round in the chamber, load another from the mag tube, but at the same time, it ejects a live round from the mag tube out of the bottom while the carrier is loading a round. Obviously this is a malfunction, but the gun runs smooth aside from spitting the live rounds out of the bottom. Anyone have any tips on how to tweak this, or what might be causing it?
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    No shotgun expert by any means,I don't have hands on experience with the Model 11 but I have worked on a couple Browning Auto's and a Savage, I don't recall which model, that are in all respect the same as the Remington. One of the first things I would look at is the cleaning. Since this shotgun is semi auto it gets a lot of crud built up in the action which could be gumming up the parts that feed the shells , even a dirty magazine tube can cause feed issues. Also the friction ring not being set for the shells you use could cause problems. If not then look to the action bar and the shell stop for crud buildup, burrs or dings that might be hanging the action up long enough to let the shells run out.
    Try cycling rounds,preferably inactive , through by hand, with the magazine fully loaded and see if you can spot the problem.

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    check the maagazine shell stop. probably worn


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