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    Default Can you use a Rifle scope on a shotgun?

    Is it okay to use a rifle scope on a shotgun for deer hunting with slugs? I have done some research and have gotten differing opinions- seems like the big issue being eye releif. Not sure if i should go ahead and invest in a dedicated shotgun scope or not. Also can a rifle scope handle the recoil or a shotgun? The scope i was thinking is currently on my 30-06 and was going to put it on a 12g.

    Of course the guy where i bought scope at told me it would be fine but i got a sense he did not know what he was talking about.



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    Most good quality rifle scopes can handle the recoil of a shotgun. I would not, however, make it temporary. I would mount it, sight it, and leave it.

    Eye relief is the main difference. Most shotgun scopes have a longer eye relief, so you don't get popped in the brow during recoil.

    If you are concerend about durability, you can buy a fixed power scope. They are more durable, and generally cost less, than comperable variable power scopes. 4X would be sufficient for any range that you would be shooting with a slug.
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