FNX-40 range report from a (near) noob
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    Default FNX-40 range report from a (near) noob

    I finally got the opportunity to put some metal down range in my new FNX-40, and here is my almost-completely-uneducated range report.

    Pertinent facts: I have not fired a gun in 10+ years, but my father passed and left me a bunch so I am back in the land of the shooting. I divested of most of his old stuff, save a S&W model 66, and bought a brand new FNX-40. Back when I did shoot, I barely ever fired a semi-auto. I owned a Glock 19 for a very brief time and couldn't get comfortable with it.

    I went to the closest indoor range, attached to the closest (and nice big) gun store in Aurora IL. With range fees, targets, 100 rounds and tax I paid $100 flat. Ouch. I was firing 180 gr. Winchester FMJ.

    First thoughts - I need a loader.
    Second thoughts - glad I bought a good set of ear muffs. Dad and I used to shoot outdoors so I was a little unprepared for the sound in the enclosed range. I thought the guy next to me was firing 44 mag or something fat like that, until my own gun barked just as loud.

    My old uneasiness with the Glock reared it's ugly head on the first shot - I was 'afraid' of the recoil and my shot went low and left, barely catching the target at 25 feet. I soldiered on and did my best to not anticipate the recoil. I always felt like I just hadn't given the Glock enough effort and I wasn't going to have that problem again. I still tended to throw the first shot of the magazine pretty badly, but follow up shots were much better. I won't give grouping stats; lets just say if I am attacked by a big fat dude with a 2-foot wide chest, he is in trouble. Specifically, his liver is in trouble (low and left...)

    The gun is firm and sure, tight and secure. No rattling or failure to secure the magazine. Zero failures of any kind. Brass stayed out of my way, maybe 4 o'clock. It did start to pool around my feet after bouncing off the partition wall, but at least it wasn't sending them straight back at me like Dad's old HiPower.

    I can't speak to it's accuracy because MY accuracy is crap. I won't blame anything on the gun and I did not have the time or opportunity to bench fire it. My tightest groups were low and left by 3-5 inches from the bull, and a general trend for nearly all shots was low and left. I know that is an artifact of flinching so I've got something to work on. Still, I think at least 98 of 100 shiots at least hit the paper so it wasn't too awful bad.

    Stance: I tried the 'standard' where I square myself to the target, extend arms enough to not lock the elbows, etc. That feels alien to me. Maybe I've seen too many movies but my body wants to turn to the right so I am firing to the left, with my right arm extended and the left arm pulled in a bit. I tried to be good and kept the squared stance, but I want to try something else next time.

    Grip: Left hand wrapped around right hand, left index finger on the front of the trigger guard, left thumb...well, it wandered a bit. I wasn't obsessing over the grip, I just wanted to get back into shooting an see how good I was 'right out of the box.' Like I said, fat men at 20 feet beware my deadly accuracy.

    The good: Happy as hell. I love the gun, I loved the whole experience. Can't wait to go again.

    The bad: My left thumb is numb, right up where it contacted the safety. Even 24 hours after the fact, the numbness remains. I am mildly worried. Pain or bruising I can dig, but numbness? I will soothe my fears by telling myself it is a product of a jacked up grip and a hand long absent from the loving caress of a hundred small explosions slamming against it and it will be fine tomorrow. Time will tell.


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    Recoil anticipation can be a hard habit to break or so I have heard. I`m not recoil sensitive as some people are but watching others shoot that are, low and left seem to be where they shot also. I have to make a few corrections the first few rounds shooting a semi-auto then I`m ok. Revolvers, no sweat. You might try to wear earplugs WITH the muffs, some people flinch because of the noise and the more that is muffled out, the better they shoot. Good that you have gotten back into shooting again --- it`s a great sport and I love it. Oh, as for your thumb I have no idea. I would have to see your grip to answer that one. Keep shooting!
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