Savage Mod 93F .22WMR
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    Default Savage Mod 93F .22WMR

    For the past few months I have been wanting to add a good .22WMR rifle to the pile. It was not important enough to run out and buy one but the thought was there.

    I thought I would try to pick up a used one but, at least around here, used .22 Magnums are rare.

    I was in the gun shop last week and they were delivering a Savage Mod 93F to a customer. He let me look at it and play with it and I liked it. When the customer left I ordered one of my own.

    The Mod 93F is a bone simple, no frills, low maintenance, throw it in the back of the truck, .22WMR bolt action. The gun is fed from a 5 shot removable magazine. It comes with a ramp rear sight adjustable for elevation and a post/bead front sight which can be drifted for windage, but it is also drilled and tapped for scope mounts.

    The stock is black, no maintenance synthetic. The receiver, barrel, and other hardware is matte blued. The bolt seems to be chrome or high polished.

    There is a thumb safety located at the rear of the receiver on the right side. It has a highly visible bright red dot to show when the gun is off safe and ready to fire. The gun cocks when the bolt is lifted into the up position before moving the bolt to the rear.

    The magazine release is on the bottom of the stock, to the rear of the magazine. This release was the only part of the gun I had any trouble with. It is very stiff, matte blued, and sticks when you are trying to remove the magazine. I feel very confident that the mag release will loosen up with use. If I wasn't a lazy person I would pull it apart and polish the rough spot..... NAH!

    Ther is a very nice point concerning the magazine. I have another Savage, Model 93R17 Bolt Action. It shoots the .17HMR. The magazines from the .17HMR and the magazines from the .22WMR are interchangable! The only difference is the .17 magazines are polished and the .22 magazines are blued. I checked all the dimensions of both magazines and used both in the new gun. No problems of any kind.

    The 93F is deceiving when it comes to physical size. I'm a pretty big fellow and when I first picked up the gun it felt like a toy. After shooting it my opinion is that the gun is of a size normal for a Rimfire, but it just handles like a smaller gun. The main reason for this, I believe, is it's weight. The rifle complete with a scope, mounts and rings, and a loaded magazine weighs only 6 pounds 10 ounces. It is well balanced and you simply don't feel the weight. Measurements of the gun are: 39 and 1/2 inches overall length, a 21 inch barrel, and a LOP of 13 and 1/2 inches.

    The thing I like the most about the rifle is that it is equipped with Savage's Accutrigger. This is a proprietory, specially designed, user adjustable trigger. It allows the shooter to adjust the weight of trigger pull from a low setting (target shooting) to a higher setting (hunting and plinking).

    The Accutrigger also acts as an additional safety. The Accurelease is a seperate lever located in the middle of the face of the trigger itself. It seems to me to be similar to the Glock trigger safety. Unless the Accurelease is completely depressed the gun will not fire. This includes not firing if dropped, bumped, or hit in anyway.

    Please take note here..... The only time you can be absolutely certain that a gun cannot fire is when the action is open and the gun is completely empty of ammunition. Never trust a safety of any kind to prevent a weapon from firing! No one can call a bullet back!

    Back to the Accutrigger.... the gun comes with a small slotted tool with which to adjust the trigger. When I saw the tool, I immediately ordered 2 more, one for my range bag and one to back up the one on the bench!
    The trigger comes adjusted to its minimal trigger pull. The factory claims the Accutrigger is set at 2 and 1/2 pounds pressure from the factory. I did a test string of 5 trigger pulls and the average trigger pull of the 5 tests was 2 pounds 9.3 ounces. That's close enough to 2 and 1/2 pounds for me! The trigger let off crisply with no creep.

    Now that all the technical stuff is done it's time for the good part.... shooting the Savage Mod 93F!

    I was alone this morning when I went out behind the barn to shoot the gun. It was an absolutely fun gun to shoot. I had not put a scope on it yet and I was just shooting at any thing that could be thought of as a target but I had a ball!

    The rifle seems to be point and shoot. It is so light and well balanced there was no effort to shoot it. With my old eyes I had no trouble shooting individual Saltine crackers at 20 paces. When I did miss it was very simple to correct for a hit on the next shot.

    I shot 200 rounds of Winchester Supreme JHPs and then 100 rounds of Federal Classic JHPs with no problems of any kind. The bolt travel is only 1 and 3/4 inches so each round loads quickly and the empties were being thrown 4 to 5 feet to my right rear.

    The gun is just a lot of fun to shoot. With more use it would probably become addictive. The Savage Mod 93F is the kind of gun everyone should have so they just don't forget why we started shooting in the first place.... to have fun!

    The cost of the gun at my favorite gunshop was $190 including my background check.

    New magazines are $14.69 (once again, through my gunshop).

    I bought a block (500 rounds/10 boxes) for $87.

    It all adds up to a lot of fun shooting for a fair price...

    Here are a few pics. I added the scope after I was done shooting this morning. Thanks for reading my review...





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    I have been looking at almost the same gun in 17 since I already have a nice 22 mag.

    Thanks for the review!
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    I also own a Savafe 95F and am having problems finding scope mounts to fit the 3/8 " rings that came with my BSA 22 Special rifle scope. I contacted Savage and was told to get Weaver # 16 rifle mounts. I bought a set and they are too wide for the 3/8" rings supplied with the BSA 22 Special scope. Can you offer me any advice on which mounts to get to mount the scope onto my rifle?
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