I just bought a .40 caliber Kel Tec Sub 2000 a couple of days ago, and I'm having a problem with it. Every time a round is fired, the safety flips itself on, and I have to manually switch it back to hot again. I fired 50 rounds through it, and the same thing happened each time. Has anybody else had this issue or heard about anything similar?

I left Kel Tec customer support an email and got receipt notification, and although it's been a couple of days, hopefully the issue will be addressed soon. Assuming that's the case, I noticed that even with the safety issue as well as an original sight and a bare bones barrel shroud that are all clearly destined to be replaced (and several useful accessories added), I can see how this ugly thing could easily become my new favorite firearm, as it felt great to shoot, I could hardly miss with it, it can share ammo and magazines with my Glock 22 and 27, and when I'm finished I can fold it up, put it into an unobtrusive backback, and be on my way (I'm CCW licensed in my state, so deal with it). I was just curious to hear from other 2000 owners and see what their feelings were after their first tryouts.

Finally, is this firearm on Feinstein's new list? I think I may have read that it is, and if so, I don't know why. It came with a 10-round magazine, but because it accepts Glock mags, and there exists a 22-round Glock mag (and maybe an even bigger aftermarket one that may only be an urban legend), does it satisfy the "10 round max" criteria through the transitive property? I read that it was originally designed to get around the original 94-04 ban, but was curious if the "folding stock" criterion has been extended to "folding gun", or if it was just added out of spite, general principles, or the new "the thing just looks scary/I know it when I see it/it looks like it would do a lot of damage in a movie" arbitrary justifications. I'm guessing that they're just making all this up as they go.