Hi all, new guy with first post.

I'm looking to trade in a couple of fire-arms, in the hopes of offsetting the price of a new one (not sure what I want yet, but will probably be a small 9mm or .40 cal)

Anyway, I'm gonna get rid of both my .40 cal Firestar, and my Tek-9, and I'm not sure what either are worth. Thought this might be a good place to find out what $ to expect before I start going to dealers.

The Firestar was my CCW. But I found after a while, it was just no fun to take to the range (throws them too much for accuracy past 30 foot - plus I've inhereted a nice Colt Gold Cup .45 and S&W .357 for range days). It's in reletively decent condition, but probably has 2000 rounds through it. Don't expect to get more than $100 for it, if that. But if that's the case, so be it.

More importantly, I have an Intratek Tek-9 that I want to get rid of. Bought it new about 6 or 8 years ago. It was an impulse purchase, don't even remember what I paid for it. It was right about the time the Intertek was shut down (or so I was told) so it's probably one of the last of the lot (would I be correct in assuming this). It's a "post-ban" Tek-9, has NEVER been fired, is still covered in the oils from the manufacturer, and has a 30 round mag. I know it's generally considered a "thug" gun, and has no collectors value, but does anyone know what it might be worth in pristine condition?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.