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    Default Elvis Presley TCB Tribute Revolver!

    Only $2,195. Its a S&W 686 in 357 mag. Decorations are done in 24-Karat Gold. Its very beautiful but I don't think I will invest in a safe queen like that.

    There will be 500 produced. Anyone interested?

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    Default Re: Elvis Presley TCB Tribute Revolver!

    Them guns like that are for guys who light their cigars with $100 bills. :roll:

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    Default Re: Elvis Presley TCB Tribute Revolver!

    Quote Originally Posted by Baldy
    Them guns like that are for guys who light their cigars with $100 bills. :roll:
    A lot of truth to that statement! Then when they die, the wife sells off the total collection for a song! :cry:

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    Default Re: Elvis Presley TCB Tribute Revolver!

    When we used to do the gun shows, my wife would call some of those gold-plated or inlaid guns or the ones with the silver & turquoise grips (sometimes seen here in NM) "Elvis Guns". :shock:
    One guy came to our table wearing what could have been Elvis eyeglasses and wanted to trade an all-gold plated S&W Mod 19 with nickel hammer & trigger (really!) :o
    It got to be a running joke. Any of those gouche, laser-engraved, gold-inlaid monstrosities like the ones you see in the ads in the back of gun mags..."Elvis Guns". :roll:
    I showed her the "Commemorative AK-47" with the same crap on it and she put her finger in her throat and said, "Elvis Gun". I looked at it and said, "You can't polish a turd". (Go ahead, y'all AK-Lovers, flame me -- y'know it's TRUE!). :i:

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