Nikon 308 4-16 bdc sighting in troubles
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    Default Nikon 308 4-16 bdc sighting in troubles

    I have a sig model 716 that i put the nikon 308 scope on with the nikon raised base that i can not get zeroed in at 25 yards. the base and mounts are all tight. the scope will not adjust any lower and is around 3 inches high. the scope is grouping shots ok,just cant lower any more. backed out to 50 yards just to see and shots where 3 feet high. i think the scope is bad and needs to be sent off. any other ideas on problem before sending scope back.

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    Never ran into that problem but it does sound like a defective scope.
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    Although the scope could be bad, not likely. Can you provide a couple photos of your setup? Is this the 800 yard model scope that comes with rings and 20 MOA base? Have you disengaged the "zero" set, to allow zeroing?

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